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40 Students of SUAS who come from 13 countries got together for United Nations Model event. Rector Sarıbıyık, in his opening speech for the event, stated: “ We say that our country has messages to convey to the World and we believe that we can only get these messages across through our students.”  

United Nations Model Event was performed by Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), Social and Cultural Studies Application and Research Centre (SAKUM). The opening speech was made by Rector of SUAS Prof Dr Mehmet Sarıbıyık for the event in which 40 students from 13 countries attended online. Vice Rectors Prof Dr Ali Fuat Boz and Prof Dr Naci Çağlar were also present in the event. In the event that was conducted in 4 sessions, the students acted the roles of historical figures of the countries that they represented and defended the policies of those countries. Chair of SAKUM Lecturer Mehmet Alper Cantimer gave his thanks to the Language Education Research and Application Centre (SADEM) and the university administration for their support and highlighted that they would work further to improve and sustain the event. 


Rector of SUAS Prof Dr Mehmet Sarıbıyık extended his wishes about overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic period and said: “I congratulate you for this devoted work you have done to create peace and trust for the future and to contribute to peace in the world. Our precious students clearly demonstrate their desire to contribute to the world for the future by taking part in these activities. We constantly shed light on that with our activities for international students. We say that our country has messages to give the world. We believe that we can only deliver these messages by means of our students.”


Sarıbıyık, who highlighted that throughout the pandemic Turkey once again demonstrated how strong it is as a country, stated: “Our work sets an example for the world. We provide help and contribution to many countries of the world. I wholeheartedly believe that our students who have their education in Turkey will do great work under the roof of our university in the future. This togetherness, which seems small as a union, can actually achieve great success in the future because the way to accomplish things is tightly linked with getting to know each other. It is crucial you strengthen and sustain this togetherness. I believe that these assemblies will be conducted with much wider participation including universities from other countries as well.”


Rector Sarıbıyık said: “We do support academic, social and cultural activities so that you get the best education. For the present event, I congratulate the chair of SAKUM Lecturer Mehmet Alper Cantimer and his team, and I wish for the continuity of such events. Despite being a new university, we founded SADEM in a very short period of time. We exert all efforts to serve the students of the whole world and to educate them in our university as well. I congratulate SADEM personnel for their successful work. We are ready to support you in all kinds of work. It is truly important that these kinds of activities are sustained and developed further. I wish you success on this path.”