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A new ‘Fikir Sofrası’ (the Idea Table) meeting, which is assembled to find the most accurate and the most reasonable one by SUBU, is organized. In the meeting, the process of technopark planned to be established and potential outcomes are discussed. The experts inform about the subject. The Rector Mr. Sarıbıyık emphasises that Sakarya needs a new technopark in that process.

Sakarya University of Applied Science (SUBU) assemble in the meeting of Fikir Sofrası (the Idea Table).  The technopark planned to be established by SUBU in Arifiye is discussed in detail in the meeting in which The Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık, Prof. Dr. Tahsin Ergin, who is general manager of the digital techno park established with the cooperation between Turkish- German University and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, and Architect Atilla Uzun, who is previous manager of the branch of R&D incentive directorate general, participate. In addition, previous Vice-Minister of The Ministry of Industry & Technology Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Çelik, SUBU Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Boz, SUBU Transfer Office Manager Prof. Dr. Uğur Özsaraç, SUBU Scientific Research Project Coordinator Academic Staff Member Dr. Mustafa Akçil and Assist. Prof. Veysel Türkel who regulates the process of the establishment of the techno park on the behalf of SUBU attend the meeting.