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Rector Prof Dr Mehmet Sarıbıyık, who got together with the international students of SUAS said “You will continue your education overcoming these difficulties soon, and these events will also stay with you as nice memories.”  

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) International students studying in Language Education, Application and Research Centre (SADEM) met with Rector Prof Dr Mehmet Sarıbıyık. 

Rector Sarıbıyık, who mentioned his memories as a student abroad said: “Every language has its own peculiar difficulties while learning them. You will also overcome these difficulties very soon and continue with your education. These will also stay with you as nice memories. I had my Master’s and PhD degrees in England in 1993 onwards. I always mention those memories in such contexts. You will also have memories to share in the future, probably.”


Rector Sarıbıyık also stated that they were ready to exert their best efforts in language education and said, “Our teachers are making serious efforts for you to learn our language as soon as possible. Besides, we want to do something about virtual learning. We regard you as our visiting brothers. Either you return or do not return to your countries completing your education here, we wish you to be equipped with the knowledge, skill and competence to benefit humanity in the future.”

In the program, which took place in a friendly environment, international students had the opportunity to do some language practice while asking Rector Sarıbıyık questions and receiving the answers in Turkish.

Then, the students also visited the application laboratories of the Faculty of Technology with the Dean of the Faculty of Technology Prof Dr Yusuf Çay.