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A favour to healthcare workers came from SUAS (Sakarya University of Applied Sciences). Sapanca Park Practice Hotel, which belongs to SUAS, started to serve healthcare professionals. Rector of SUAS, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık, stated that the hotel will serve the healthcare workers who do not want to go to their homes from hospitals due to the pandemic (epidemic) and added "We thank the healthcare workers who struggle devotedly."

 SUAS supported healthcare workers who got great support from the society due to their diligent work during the novel coronavirus pandemic in Turkey. While the support for healthcare workers is announced throughout the country, it is stated that they are also at risk. Healthcare workers, who are concerned about carrying the Covid-19 virus to their families, are recommended to stay alone after work. Rector of SUBÜ, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık, said in his written statement: “As a country, we are fighting against the pandemic and measures have been taken in every field. Of course, our healthcare professionals demonstrate the greatest sacrifice in this process. They are our heroes in white coats that deserve the greatest applause and support. In this process, we also have closed our hotel in Sapanca, one of the most beautiful districts of our country, and have offered it only to the service of our healthcare professionals. In this peaceful district, we will contribute to keep them and their loved ones safe. While they make risky sacrifices at work, people in our society should pay attention to the warnings and do not leave the house unless they have to. As our Minister of Health says, “life fits inside home”. We are in coordination with Sakarya Provincial Health Directorate. We will get through this process together.”