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A survey which analyses employers’, students’ and instructors’ satisfaction about 3+1 and 7+1 Applied Education Models is carried out by SUBU Quality Coordinator. At the end of the survey, it is clarified that 3 main components of the model have high satisfaction rates.

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) and Isparta University of Applied Sciences (ISUBU) rank with Professional Practice-intensive Universities in the scope of Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project which has been announced by The Directorate of Communication recently. SUBU is one of the main actors of the Age of the Diversity in Higher Education by developing +1 Applied Education Model including from associate degree to postgraduate degree. Therefore, a survey for employers, students and instructors is conducted by SUBU Quality Coordinator in order to analyze satisfaction about 3+1 and 7+1 Applied Education Models which are modelled by several universities and is aimed to be improved.